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Among the local celebrations, the most notable takes place on September 7th, and is the traditional Bajada del Socorro where the Virgin is carried in a pilgrimage, from the church of San Pedro to the settlement of Socorro, next to Chimisay beach. That afternoon, on the beach, the representation of the Virgin’s appearance to the guanche shepherds takes place, in this way playing out a legend tied into the native world.

On the afternoon of the following day and after a series of festive acts, of marked aborigine reminiscence, the climb takes place, a moment in which a traditional game of odds and pairs is played, which is about betting or guessing how many almonds are hidden in a fist, and it is asked of people of different sexes, not mattering their class or condition.

On June 29th, a typical dance can be watched, the Dance of the Ribbons “La Danza de Cintas”, that is carried out in time to the rhythm of the “tajaraste”, and with a very peculiar costume in the Festivity of San Pedro in Güímar.

Calendar of Popular Festivities in Güímar
Last weekend in January Festivity of San Antonio Abad.
First Sunday in February Virgin of la Candelaria. Chinguaro
March19th San José. El Escobonal
  Holy week
First Sunady in May Exaltation of the Cross. Lomo de Mena, el Calvario
May 13th Our Lady of Fátima.
June 24th San Juan
Third Sunday in June San Antonio de Padua. La Medida
June 27 29th Patron Festivity of San Pedro Apostle
Second Sunday in July Festivity of Chacona
July 16th Virgin of Carmen. El Puertito
Third Saturday in July Third Saturday in July
July 25th Santiago Apostle. Puertito de Güímar
First Sunday in August San José. El Escobonal
September 7 – 8th Pilgrimage of the Virgin of El Socorro
October 12th Festivity of El Pilar (Guaza)
October 25 –26th Our Lady of La Peña. La Hoya
November 23rd Santa Cecilia.

Among the traditional crafts, the lace work is outstanding.

Cultural Interest Centres

Güímar Municipal Archive

Phone: 922 526 100

Güímar Public Library

Phone: 922 514 330

Güímar Casino Cultural Centre

Phone: 922 510 217

El Escobonal Cultural Centre

Phone: 922 530 495 / 530 351

Lomo de Mena Cultural Centre

Phone: 922 530 485 / 530 047

Fátima Socio Cultural Centre

San Pedro Arriba Socio Cultural Centre

Cultural Tagoror of Agache Archaeological and Ethnographic Museum

Plaza de San José. El Escobonal.

Phone: 922 520 249

Güímar Cultural Information Office: Culture Council of the Guildhall of the city of Güímar,

Phone: 922 514 820 / 526 100

Güímar Ethnographic Pyramids Park

Calle Chacona, s/n

Phone: 922 514 510

La Medida Socio Cultural Nursery

Cultural Tagoror of Agache. Library

Phone: 922 530 495

La Fonda Medina. Craftsman’s House and C.I.T.

Phone: 922 514 820 / 510 845

Cultural Interest Wealth

Camino del Socorro

Tea Canal of the Water Canyon (Barranco del Agua)_

Chapel of San Pedro Abajo

Chapel of San Pedro Arriba

Paseo House and Chapel of San Juan

Historical Area of Güímar


El Socorro Temple

Built in the XVI century, rebuilt in the XVII century, enlarged in the XIX century.

Convent Church of Santo Domingo Soriano

Rebuilt in the XVIII century. Moresque panelling with images of Nazarene, Our Lady of El Rosario and San Antonio Abad. High altarpiece of the late baroque period, XVIII century.

Matrix Church of San Pedro Apostle

The reforms and the actual state are from the XIX century. Neoclassical and late baroque period altarpieces. With images of the Virgin of Carmen and of Los Dolores, Our Lady of E Socorro, Virgin of los Remedios and the Lord of Tribulations (Señor de las Tribulaciones)

La Hidro – Hydroelectric Central

Llano de la Virgen

La Menora Windmill

Chacaica Lavatories and Windmill

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