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It is one of the oldest settlements of Tenerife. Thanks to the friendship pact between the first Adelantado with the mencey Añaterve the Good, son of Acaymo, the conquerors were able to establish themselves peacefully in the menceyato of Güímar.

The settlement was born in San Juan or Güímar de Arriba, near the birth of the waters and the chapel of San Juan Bautista. But later the town was moved towards the coastal area, building houses close to the parochial church of San Pedro, that was built either at the end of the XV century or at the beginning of the XV century.

A Dominican convent also existed, built in 1649, as well as several temples, taking into account that it was in this municipality that the Virgin of Candelaria first appeared and where it was first worshipped.

It obtained its title of municipality in 1813 and the title of Muy Ilustre Villa on June 28th of 1900.

Places of Historical Interest

Ancient Temple of San José

Cano House. El Escobonal

La Raya House. XVI Century. Reformed in the XVIII – XIX Centuries

Buen Retiro House

Priest’s House (Casa del Cura). El Escobonal

Los Mena House. Lomo de Mena

Miguel Castillo House

Torres House(Santo Domingo House) XVII-XVIII Centuries

San José Church. XIX Century

Rebuilt in the XX Century. El Escobonal Plaza

Ethnographic Pyramids Park of Güímar. Chacona

Chimisay Beach (Llano de la Virgen. El Socorro)


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